Action Tracking Diagram

Good example  …  easy to convert to CaP application!

Action Tracking (ACT) is a powerful web-based Action Item Management and Tracking software that allows you to track action items throughout your department, site and enterprise.

You can design, workflow and track your own reusable forms (e.g. Incident and Accident reports, Safety or Employee suggestions, Health/Safety/Quality audits, Non-Conformance and Corrective Action reports, Meeting minutes, etc.) containing action items to be tracked. You can also assign and track recurring regulatory compliance items. Items can be assigned on a recurring basis on designated dates with target completion dates.

People assigned action items are notified by periodic e-mails. Links provided allow people to view action item details, recommended implementation steps, review prior progress, report new progress, submit documentary evidence via attachments, and complete action items. An action item can also be transferred to or verified by another individual.

Shown below is the Action Tracking process flowchart (workflow) as implemented in the software module.

Frontline Data Solutions Action Tracking Flowchart

Key Features
  • Ability to design customized, reusable forms containing form titles, field names, field and data types, and form layout.
  • Some existing TrainingMine Action Tracking customers have created complex forms such as an OSHA Injury and Illness Report or a Risk Management Supplement containing over a hundred traceable fields and action items.
  • Forms can contain mandatory fields, default values, default approvers, default action items, and links to documents and equipment data.
  • Place shortcuts to commonly used blank forms such as Safety/Employee suggestions or Incident/Accident reports on selected employees’ desktops.
  • Route, track, store and run reports on completed forms, individual fields, and action items.
  • Any form can be used in collaboration mode to populate with action items prior to being released for action item implementation and tracking.
  • Create categories such as Safety, Quality, Environment, Industrial Hygiene, Audits, etc. to simplify management and tracking. Similarly, all open and completed Action items and forms can be organized by departments to streamline management and accountability.
  • Action items are assigned with due dates, and can be ordered in series and/or parallel.
  • Ability to report intermediate progress on assigned action items and submit documentary evidence with notification to the people tracking the progress.
  • Assign and manage recurring action items and tasks such as weekly, monthly or annual inspections and reports automatically. Each recurring assignment and completion is documented for audits.
  • Configurable email notifications and reminder frequencies for assigned action items.
  • Optional supervisor or manager email notifications for employees’ or departments’ overdue action items.
  • Assign action items to a job title that is held by a group of people. Everyone in the group is notified and people can work jointly or individually on the assigned action items.


Management of Change( This is really — Change Management )

Management of Change (MOC) is a web-based collaboration and workflow software designed to systematically manage changes in Process Chemicals, Technology, Equipment, Facilities, or Procedures. MOC significantly reduces the administrative overhead of assigning, tracking, reporting and following-up on approvals, tasks, checklists, action items and training required to implement changes in regulated and non-regulated processes.

The following diagram outlines typical workflow for an MOC and the tasks required of a participant. The steps enclosed in dashed boxes are optional and can be skipped when deemed unnecessary.

Frontline Data Solutions Management of Change (MOC) Flowchart

Key Features
  • MOC progression through stages such as Pre-approval, Origination (design), Collaboration (online discussions), Approval, Implementation, Start-up and Close-out (see the flowchart above).
  • Ability to create customized forms and checklists that aid the completion of tasks such as engineering and process hazard reviews, risk analysis, project checklists, punch list items and Pre-Startup Safety Reviews (PSSR).
  • Pre-approvals and Approvals are tracked online and can be granted by one or more people or position titles, in any order desired.
  • Approvers can approve, disapprove or hold MOC requests online, with a convenient methodology to retrieve and resubmit disapproved MOCs.
  • Generate, assign and track critical and non-critical action items for each MOC.
  • Enforce completion of all critical tasks and action items prior to MOC start-up.
  • Seamless notification and training of people affected by the Change (MOC).
  • Create blank MOC templates that have approvers, tasks and checklists pre-defined. Originators simply apply a pre-populated template to speed up the MOC creation process while maintaining consistency.
  • Allow field personnel to conveniently submit and track requests for Changes.
  • Link MOCs to documents, drawings and equipment data; track MOCs by equipment tag numbers (change history on equipment).
  • Address temporary, exploratory and emergency changes, with automatic notifications of expiring MOCs.
  • Variety of automatic and on-demand email notifications designed to enforce MOC pre-approval, collaboration, approval, progression through stages, action item completions and Change (MOC) awareness training.
  • Allow approvers and implementers to automatically forward MOC tasks to their designated backups in their absences.
  • Easily retrievable completed MOC data that includes all pre-approver, collaborator and approver comments, completed checklists, action items, and training/notification records.
  • Designed as an Enterprise software, each location can individually create and configure MOCs with enterprise-level tracking and management capabilities.
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